Convert BMP to PDF in Batch to Rule Unwanted Hassles

BMP images no doubt are high in quality but sharing them could really be a herculean task due to their big sizes. This is perhaps, one of the reasons why people prefer converting the BMP image to PDF format.

PDF, which stands for portable document format, as the name suggests, is a portable way of sharing and carrying the images. But how to export BMP into PDF format? The simple answer to all your prayers is the Total Image Converter by CoolUtils. Developed for easy conversion of images from one format to another, the tool makes the conversion experience a real simple one!

So how is it done? To convert BMP to PDF in batch do the following:

The Total image converter is totally safe and secure. It comes with a free trial version along with various out of the box features:

Convert more than one file easily with the BMP PDF converter and a lot more!

Get yourself a paid version of Total Image Converter and get rid of unwanted hassles. File conversion is now within your reach!

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