Convert CDA to iPod


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CDA audio format is used for recording music or audio books on CD. CDA provides excellent sounding quality without any compression in size that is why it is not convenient to store CDA files in computer or portable player memory. CoolUtils offers very convenient way of how to convert CDA to iPod audio book format – M4B that is more compact in size and can be played on iPod. iPod AudioBook can make all your CD collection compatible with iPod player.

You can convert CDA tracks directly from CD disk without any copy-paste job. This variant is suitable for those disks that are protected from copying.

To convert CDA to iPod's format, you should select ‘Rip CD' feature that is located in the upper left menu of the program window. After pressing on this button you will see the options menu popped up. It has the following inlays:

  • Destination: select the location address for converted copies.
  • Track list: you can select all the files or specific tracks of the disk for conversion.
  • Combine: here you are able to check ‘Combine album' feature for converting all selected source tracks into one single audio book.
  • Quality: choose the quality level for the future audio books (rated from 0 to 500).
  • Start conversion: contains information about all settings you've made and offers to delete originals and open the destination folder after conversion.

iPod AudioBook allows to create audio books from CDA original tracks in a few seconds, including the variant of converting all the files in one operation. Download it on the official CoolUtils website right now and your iPod will become compatible with any audio format!

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