Convert DWG to PNG

  PNG is one of the most popular image formats mostly used Internet content and image editing. It offers lossless compression, providing with small file size and excellent visual quality. That is why it is suitable for converting DWG drawings to use them in Internet publishing or editable printing. DWG format is supported by very few applications, so it is not convenient to share such files with others. This problem is easily solved by converting DWG into PNG. Thanks to Total CAD Converter this process becomes easy and fast. Using all of the options provided in Total CAD Converter, you are able to get PNG copies of any size and color palette you need. This DWG converter is suitable for any user, no matter how experienced he is.

If you need to process lots of drawings files every day, this DWG converter will definitely become a priceless helper, because it can convert any amount of files for one single click. To do this you should form the batch of source files by checking them in the file list and make the settings (if you need) only once. All of DWG sources will be converted into PNG and stored in the folder you've specified in the options menu. If you don't want to spend the time for settings, use the default set of options offered by Total CAD Converter. If to convert DWG to PNG with default settings, PNG images will have the same size and colors that source files have.

When making necessary settings, pay attention that there are two modes of resizing - with proportions saved or resizing width and height separately. Also there is a rotation option that allows changing the image orientation for the one you need. These additional facilities allow to edit graphic files right here before conversion without any additional applications.

Total CAD Converter has everything for high-quality conversion, packed into easy and clear user interface. You are welcome to try Total CAD Converter before the purchase absolutely free.

Interface languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese.
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