Convert DocX to TXT

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

If you are having trouble looking for an ultimate batch TXT converter, you can stop right now. Software industry has come up with a versatile and powerful utility, which will help you convert as many DocX files as you want and save your energy, time and money. Total DOC Converter in question has changed a lot of lives for the better. With an array of advanced functions incorporated in this compact yet powerful tool, you can do miracles. And it does not take much effort.

The program incorporates batch function, which is activated with just one click. You only need to know what files you wish to convert and why. This is probably the most significant and the only difficulty users face while batch-converting DocX files to TXT.

How to Convert DocX to TXT in Batches

The interface of this batch TXT converter is so laid out that you know what to do from the very moment you launch it.

First, you should click on the needed folder in the left-hand side. When you do this, all the DocX files will appear in the middle section of the interface. To batch-convert DocX to TXT, press "Check all". Check marks will appear in the checkboxes. It is not mandatory that you apply conversion to all the files. You can convert only one or a few files if you check them manually.

The next step is selecting Text - your target format. The wizard window will pop up. Here you can use several options, such as destination folder and paper preferences. The former allows you to save your TXT files in a particular folder, so that you can find your TXT documents any time. The latter allows you to shape your TXT documents in your most preferred fashion.

If you have specified all these options, launch conversion by pressing the "Start" button.

Total DOC Converter is available online, so you can purchase it using various payment methods. If you are not sure you want this program, check the 30-day free demo version. Statistically, most users buy the key without waiting until the trial period expires.

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