Convert Outlook to DOC

What to do if your Outlook manager is overfilled with e-mail messages but you cannot delete them? The answer is simple – you can convert Outlook to DOC. This means that your e-mails will be archived in a DOC file, and you will be able to remove them from Outlook folders. Converting Outlook into DOC, you can free your mail client from old e-mails. When needed you can open the appropriate DOC file in Word and get any information from your old correspondence. It is very convenient for business purposes, when all corporative information must be saved, but its volume is too large for keeping in the mail client.

Total Outlook Converter is an easy-to-use utility that is capable to save Outlook emails as DOC files. Thanks to synchronizing with your Outlook Office application, it will be easy to sort the messages required for conversion. When Total Outlook Converter is installed on your computer, it automatically connects to Outlook client. This email converter can process several letters at the same time. All you need is to check them in the navigation window and click on “DOC” format button at the top of the program window. In such a way you will convert the batch of letters by one operation, specifying the same options for all checked emails.

Transforming outlook into DOC with the help of Total Outlook Converter, you receive the DOC copies of your emails stored somewhere you like (on a computer disk, portative drive, etc.). After conversion is made you can remove unnecessary messages from your mail client folders.

Convert Outlook to DOC is only the one of Total Outlook Converter's features. This utility is also able to convert e-mails into PDF, HTML, TXT and TIFF files. You can choose the format most suitable for your own purposes. Total Outlook Converter is already available online. Buy it now and maintain the proper order in your mailbox!

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