Convert Outlook to TXT

TXT data format is the most space saving among those that are used nowadays. It has no additional formatting tags, it only allows to save text information without any additional features. While the number of emails in your Outlook inbox is constantly growing, soon you will face with the need to clear the mail folders from old messages. There are a lot of variants of how to bstore old emails, and the most popular of them is to convert Outlook to TXT files. TXT files are supported by any text editors or simple readers, while using .eml files requires Microsoft Outlook client. The size of TXT email copies is very small, that allows to store lots of letters in little memory space. TXT copies also can be used as attachments to your future correspondence.

To convert Outlook into TXT you will need a special utility that support both Outlook email format and TXT. Most of converters offered today are universal for all of email clients, but this may cause additional problems for user. The best variant for Outlook users is Total Outlook Converter. This email converter was specially developed for Microsoft Outlook client and allows to work directly with emails on a mail server. It is very convenient and doesn't require any additional resaving of emails to computer memory.

Users who want to save Outlook emails as TXT files with the help of Total Outlook Converter need to select the appropriate source emails directly in the program window, click on TXT” format button and press “Start!” in the popped up window. Everything is very simple. As an alternative you can manually set the destination of future TXT files, select email fields you need to convert and actions with attachments. Everything is made in the same dialog window.

If you want to get the most handy and reliable email converter, don't spend your money on unchecked solutions. Try Total Outlook Converter online and get sure it is exactly what you need. It is also available for online purchase, so you are welcome to buy it!

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