Crop BMP Images in Batch

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Besides converting BMP files to better graphic formats, Total Image Converter provides basic image formatting right in the program. There is no need to crop pictures before conversion, as everything can be done at once. Thanks to ability to crop BMP images in batch processing many files can become 99% faster.

When you deal with lots of BMP images, it is a very long process - cropping each image one by one. In Total Image Converter you can specify the dimensions for cropping, and all the files will be cropped identically. You can either crop BMP images with or without conversion. In the first variant you need to: 1. Select BMP sources and press the button with the target format. 2. Specify settings for conversion. 3. Press 'Start!'

In the 'Crop' tab of settings wizard you will be offered to set top/botton/left/right margins that will be cut from the original images. The cropped fragments will be converted to selected format. And here is how to crop BMP files without conversion:

Check off BMP sources

Press on the 'Crop' icon at the top of the file list

Specify destination address for cropped images

Specify margins for cropping

Press 'Start!'

Besides cropping, Total Image Converter can rotate and resize BMP images. You can also put a picture into a frame or add watermark for authorship protection. All these operations can be made in batches to process all images maximally fast. That is why it is a very handy image converter with basic graphic editor inside. Moreover, you can handle cropping or other editing via command line, specifying all parameters in the code of command.

Try Total Image Converter with all basic image processing tools inside. With its help your BMP files can be optimized for further use very quickly and easily. Get a free trial version for a test!

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