Convert DOC to TXT Via Command Line

With the Total Doc Converter X it's never been easier to convert Doc to TXT from command line. Drawing from an immense list of available command prompts, you'll be able to build complex, automated conversion projects. If there are certain jobs that you run repeatedly, save your settings for future use by generating a .bat file.

Equipped with ActiveX functionality, the Total Doc Converter X can be integrated with just about any Windows-based app. Because it lives on a web server, you can choose to run it as a stand-alone app, or make it available to your whole network. If you're a server admin, you know how helpful this can be! when converting from Doc to TXT with our command line converter you can also:

Due to the nature of command line coding, you can develop sets of instructions that are repeatable with a few quick clicks.

This powerful feature combined with ActiveX makes it so that your network users don't even need to know how to convert Doc to TXT from Windows command line. Only you do! A flexible way to widely share robust functionality while also saving you time.

Download our trial version to see for yourself how amazing this app really is. If you choose to upgrade to the full version, we have a tiered licensing structure based on your specific needs, and the size of your web server. All licenses are life-time, they never expire!

While other companies provide conversion technology, few are able to match us in terms of options combined with utility. You see, after more than a decade developing cool conversion apps, we've learned exactly what our users need to get the job done!

Windows 2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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