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Data tables in Doc format do not support any calculations between data cells, and this limits the use of such data arrays. However, you can easily fix that by converting them to Excel format. And now you can convert Doc to XLS free using this online converter from CoolUtils.

It is a light version of desktop Total Doc Converter created for exporting Word documents to various file types. In this free Doc converter it's possible to Doc to XLS format, as well as to JPEG, TXT, TIFF and PDF. In every case the procedure consists of three steps:

uploading the file to CoolUtils server

choosing conversion type

downloading ready converted copy.

If choose XLS, you will get the data transferred to table format. Don't worry if the original document contains various data - tables mixed with images and plain texts. After this free Doc XLS converter processes the document, you will be able to clean up the result files in Microsoft Excel. If original document contains only tables, they will be properly rendered to a new format.

The online version has a range of limitations. First of all, it doesn't support batch file processing. You can convert Doc online processing one file at a time, and the file size should not exceed 10 MB. In the desktop version you can convert the entire file folders at once, and the program supports any file size. However, the quality of conversion is the same, it will just take you more time to convert many files using online Doc converter.

No registration is needed to use online converter, as the service is available for all comers. Desktop version supports more formats, you can convert documents to XLSX too. Online you can get only XLS version.

Convert your files without any installations and settings using this online Doc Converter or download a desktop version with more features on board!

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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