How to Convert DWG to CGM

DWG is a binary file format that is used by many programs to store 2 and 3 dimensional design data and metadata. These programs are AutoCAD, IntelliCAD and Caddie as well as a number of other applications compatible with CAD format.

Of course, DWG format is believed to be more common among users that CGM, for example. However, the latter is still demanded in some specific areas, like engineering, aviation, and other technical applications. Also, it is used in technical illustration and professional design.

Therefore, if your job is associated with one of the professions listed above, you might want to convert DWG to CGM. The task might seem hard, but not for those users who know about the existence of DWG CGM converter.

The most experienced, however, choose to use DWG converter or even CAD converter as they are more functional than a simple DWG to CGM converter. One of the best programs available on the market is Total CAD Converter developed by CoolUtils. It is owned by thousands of users who highly value its great quality and efficiency.

Total CAD Converter can be used by everyone, even by those people who have never before dealt with conversion software. All you need to do is to convert DWG files to CGM and use them for professional purposes is:

The files are guaranteed to be converted in a few seconds and have great quality. Total CAD Converter by CoolUtils supports batch conversion option so you can process numerous DWG files at a time and save lots of time.

You can even use Total CAD Converter to deal with files saved in formats other than DWG. This includes DXF, DWF, PLT, HG, HGL, HPG, PLO, HP, HPL, SPL, PRN, SVG and more.

Download the free trial version of Total CAD Converter now.

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