Convert DWG to TIFF

Formats like the DWG file type are great, so long as you have access to CAD (computer aided design) software. But what happens when you need to share designs with someone who doesn't have the right program to open them? In short: you can't. Here at CoolUtils though, we specialize in the development of conversion tools that let you swap file formats and get the most out of you work. For example with Total CAD Converter, you'll be able to convert DWG to TIFF in batch with just a few clicks.

There's more to it than that though. Over the years we've added in all sorts of cool functionality to assist in various ways. For instance we can help you turn DWG into black-and-white TIFF. An incredibly useful trick when you're stuck working with a design that includes barely discernable yellow symbols. We also allow you to combine DWG to TIFF - essentially merging multiple DWG files into a single TIFF. Here are a few more of the great options that we've built into Total CAD Converter:

Our batch DWG to TIFF converter is second to none when it comes to providing the functionality you need to make your CAD designs more accessible. Whether you're performing a simple DWG to TIFF switch, or a complex, automated batch job using the command line: we've got exactly what you need.

So don't delay. Try Total CAD Converter today through our free trial version. If you like what you see, you can upgrade at any time for just $99.90. While there are other converters out there, you'll discover that none of them offer the customization and flexibility that we do. After upgrading you'll gain access to our support team, free upgrades for a year, and a lifetime license!

Windows 2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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