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Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

I cannot open DOCM files that often get from my partners, because My MS Office pack is outdated for quite a long time. I don't want to mess with my Word, upgrading it or adding some tricks to support DOCM, so the easiest way for me was simply to convert DOCM to regular DOC format (DocM to PDF would also work, I just like using Word better). And Total Doc Converter helps me with this.

First I found a free Online Doc Converter and used it for converting single files. It does the job well, creates a copy of the document in the selected format. But when I got tens of DOCM files, it was not a way out to convert them one-by-one. It took so long to process them all using online converter. I started to look for the ways how to convert DOCM to DOC quickly, if there are a lot of sources. I found the solution from the same manufacturer - Total Doc Converter was an extended version of Online Doc Converter for the desktop.

It works awesome! I can convert as many DOCM reports as I have. And there are more interesting options inside:

There is integrated DOCM viewer (no conversion is required to read the file);

If I need to edit the texts, I just change DOCM to DOC format and then open it in MS Word;

Font styling can be adjusted for DOC copies;

There is a way to convert files from the command line and from the desktop.

It's okay to convert DOCM files to DOC with default settings. The program will save the formatting from original files. But if you prefer specific font size, style and color, you can adjust it for the whole batch of files. It's just easier then do it for each file separately in MS Word. I don't know any way how to save DOCM as DOC files easier than it's done with Total Doc Converter!

Don't hesitate to try!

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