Convert DOCM to TIFF

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Total Doc Converter has undergone a massive upgrade and gained a number of unique characteristics. Particularly, you can use it to convert DOCM to TIFF. Robust and user friendly interface layout and powerful engine have pretty much changed users' idea of file conversion.

This program has a batch conversion mode, which allows you to convert DOCM files in large batches. Command line option makes it possible to operate this converter from under any other program.

Total Doc Converter has received a lot of appreciative remarks thanks to simplicity of use and powerful engine.

How to Save DOCM as TIFF

If you have received a DOCM file by email and your Microsoft Office 2003 fails to open it, this converter is exactly what you need right now.

Launch the program and view the folder tree. Find the folder with DOCM documents and click on it. View the list of DOCMs and check the ones, which you need to save as TIFF images.

You can use the batch function and process all the DOCM files at once. To do that, press the "Check all" button below.

Select TIFF in the toolbar or in the Process menu.

Check the wizard's settings and adjust them if necessary:

  • Set destination for your TIFF files. Here you can save your DOCMs as separate TIFF files or combine them into a single TIFF image.
  • Specify the font name and font size.
  • Tune page headers/footers and position them in the required manner.
  • Specify paper size, margin settings, type of compression and photometric interpretation for your TIFFs.
  • Select Start Conversion to view the settings once again.

Press Start button to actually change DOCM to TIFF.

If you download Total Doc Converter, you do not need to ask other people how to convert DOCM to TIFF. This program is built in such a way that you can figure it out without a hitch.

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