Convert DOCM to Unicode

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Microsoft Word allows exporting DocM files to Unicode format one-by-one. This is really slow and takes a lot of time to convert tens of files this way. Total Doc Converter offers much more comfortable approach - it can convert DocM to Unicode files in batch! Quick data processing, unite settings for all originals many useful options - this is what it offers.

DocM is macro-enabled format that is read by MS Word and a few more programs. If you cannot open such files or need to share them with people who use software incompatible with DocM, conversion is the easiest solution. In Unicode format files will be viewable in all possible text programs. As this format doesn't support formatting and macros, they will be lost during conversion.

This DocM Unicode converter works with any amount of data. This is how to convert batch of DocM originals:

Open Total Doc Converter;

Find the folder with your source files, click on it;

Select all the sources in the file list;

Choose 'Unicode' in the format bar;

Go through the settings to define destination, page orientation, etc.;

Press Start!

The same way you can convert DocM files to any other format. Just select appropriate target format: when you convert DocM to PDF, press PDF button on the top format bar. If you need just to view DocM file, you can also do this inside Total Doc Converter - there is a built-in document reader.

One more bonus to the correct and quick data export is conversion from the command line. If you prefer this method instead GUI, don't hesitate to run conversions via 'cmd' dialogue. This DocM converter conforms to you.

Full demo version is free for 1 month. Download Total Doc Converter and turn your DocM documents into lightweight Unicode TXT files.

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