Convert DOCM to XLS

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

I got used to an old Microsoft Excel and do not want to change anything, but recently I started to get table reports in DOCM format. It was a big problem for me to read such files, and the easiest way to solve it that I've found is Total Doc Converter. I decided to convert DOCM to XLS and read or edit tables in Microsoft Excel. I like the way it handles data, allows making calculations, charts and all I need when analyzing reports.

Total Doc Converter supports DOCM that is a new generation MS Office file type. There are a lot of formats you can turn DOCM to:

  • XLS
  • DOC
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • TXT

There are more formats supports, these are just the ones I use. This program supports batch conversion that is a big present for busy people. Imagine that you can process tens of files in a few seconds. I like this approach! This is how to convert DOCM to Excel files:

Select a folder with DOCM source file inside Total Doc Converter

In the file list check the document for conversion

Click on XLS icon

Setup destination and font styling

Press Start!

This is the way I convert single files. Usually it takes a few seconds to create an XLS copy of a file. If you need to change DOCM to XLS format for a few files, there is a handy way available. Just select them all on the second step and continue as usual. The program can convert a few files together, exporting information from each DOCM file to a separate Excel document. After some time of using this converter I found out how to save DOCM to XLS via command line. It is described in the Help menu.

First I used it in a 30-day free trial version, you can do the same!

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