Convert EML to ODT In Batch

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

EML files are electronic emails used in The Bat! and other mail programs. You can see EML messages attached to other emails, and opening such attachment may cause problems. EML is not read by text editors, unless you convert EML to ODT. ODT is a format for OpenOffice text documents that is compatible with lots of other programs. Total Mail Converter makes it possible to convert many EML files in batch to save your time. It is very easy to turn all your EMLs into ODT documents using this converting tool.

Batch conversion has other advantages except saving time. They include:

Ability to adjust all EML files by the same formatting

Ability to join all sources into one ODT file

Comfortable ordering of ODT copies by specific file name template

File name template helps you to name output files by message number, date or any other parameter. You can convert emails in two ways: using graphic interface or command line.

In command line mode Total Mail Converter is called by a specific command with parameters for future conversion. It is up to you, what way to use.

One of the best features of Total Mail Converter is ability to convert attached messages together with source emails. When you convert EML to OpenOffice, you can extract messages attached to source files too. For this you need to check proper option in settings wizard that appears right after you press ODT on the format bar. You can convert other attachments too, if upgrade Total Mail Converter to Pro version.

The program is widely used for creating an email backup for quick review without need to be online. This EML converter is a good fit for such purposes. Try Total Mail Converter in a 30-day free trial to see how quick and useful it is!

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