Convert EMLX to EML

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

While EMLX format is supported only by Apple mail client, EML files can be read by multiple mailing programs (including Windows and Linux based ones). That is why converting EMLX to EML makes sense to extend the compatibility of email files. If you have a lot of EMLX files that need to be converted to EML, take advantage of using batch EMLX converter to process them fast. Total Mail Converter is here to help you.

This program is developed for exporting emails from various mail formats to common office documents, images and web pages. Recently a new option was added, and now you can easily export messages from one mail format to another.

In order to convert EMLX to EML in batch, follow these steps:

Inside the program find your sources folder;

Get into it and check off EMLX files for conversion (all at once);

Click on the EML icon in the formats bar;

Set parameters for EMLX conversion in the wizard;

Press Start!

You will see the conversion process started and showing you the progress. If there are tens of files or more, it will take a minute or so to process them all, and you will be able to monitor it. After conversion is over, a folder with EML copies will appear automatically, showing you the result of conversion.

Total Mail Converter creates the exact copy of EMLX original, but in EML format that helps to transport data safely between different mail programs. This batch EML converter also has a mail reader inside. If there are mail files your program cannot read, you can always view them in Total Mail Converter.

Converting EMLX to EML is available in command line mode. The program can be called to action in 'cmd' dialogue and do the same job as it does via graphic interface.

There is a free trial version for examining all features on real files, get it here.

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