Convert EMLX to TXT

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

The simplest way to extract data from EMLX files is to convert them to TXT. If you do not need any page formatting, text styling or special printing adjustments, TXT is the best choice among text formats. Total Mail Converter offers to convert EMLX to TXT in batch meaning that you will process all files you need together. This gives a few advantages:

You will be able to open Apple mail files in any OS including Windows and Linux.

The time required for converting many EMLX files is minimized to a few seconds;

You can merge all EMLX texts into one TXT file for a more compact storage;

There is no need to make the same settings again and again for each email.

EMLX format can be read only by Apple mail programs, in Windows such files cannot be viewed, edited or printed. Total Mail Converter just helps to make all that possible regardless of what platform you run. The program is developed for Windows OS, but TXT mail copies can be read by any system. This batch EMLX converter allows adjusting format options for the desired copies, and you can set the following parameters:


Combined or split conversion (all EMLX into one TXT or each EMLX to a separate TXT);

File name template (for split conversion only);

Fields for conversion;

Attachments conversion.

If there are other messages attached to original emails, they can be converted to TXT too. In other formats it is possible to insert attached images into a converted male copy, but when you convert EMLX to TXT file, such option is disabled. Total Mail Converter Pro also converts text attachments, can unzip archives, extract all other types of attachments into a folder.

Try this email converter in the free trial version for 30 days. All the features are available for free testing, so you are welcome to check it all in action.

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