Convert EPI to CGM In Batch

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Total PDF to DXF converter offers a brilliant alternative to using any native programs. This converter solves a whole bunch of problems. Now you can export EPI to CGM in seconds. You will not have difficulties operating this program even if you have not used it so far. This is because Total PDF to DXF Converter has a unique user-oriented interface. Once you launch it, you'll know what to do next. You just need to specify folders, files and settings.

Thanks to the batch function, you can set this converter to process several files without checking them one by one. Again, you just need to press a button to do that. Then follow the standard steps and convert your files.

Convert EPI to CGM in Batch

Run Total PDF to DXF converter, find the folder with EPI files in the file tree and click it. View the list of EPI files and check out the ones that you want to make into CGM files.

Use the batch function to process all your EPI files. Press the Check all button below. The program will check all the CGM files. If the folder, which you have chosen, contains another folder with EPI files, you can check the include subfolders option and convert EPI files contained in it as well. To cancel that, press the Uncheck all button, which you can see next to the Check all button. To convert one or a couple of EPI files, check them with the mouse.

Select CGM in the target format menu above and navigate the wizard's dialog.

Choose destination folder and apply parameters listed in the wizard. To review the settings before conversion, click Start Conversion.

Press the Start button to convert EPI files to CGM.

If you are tired of just reading about how to convert EPI files, download the free demo version and make your own opinion. When the 30-day trial period expires, you'll need to buy a registration key to reactivate the program.

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