Convert XLS to TIFF Command line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Converting Excel files to TIFF is not available in standard Microsoft Excel pack. If you need this feature for constant use, Total Excel ConverterX may be a good fit. This server application is very flexible in settings and very powerful in terms of features. Compared with the desktop version, it has a range of advantages:

Many users can convert XLS to TIFF images on web-servers at once

All conversions are made in a background mode

You can put any user interface you wish on the program

Basically Total Excel ConverterX is a script that can be setup and customized to any specific purpose. You can simply use it as an XLS server converter for corporate needs or turn it into a web service available online. Any graphic interface can be integrated into it to make features more comfortable for users.

Conversion to TIFF is fully customizable. Users can apply compressions, set a specific file name template, change paper formatting. All these settings are specified manually, when you convert XLS to TIFF via command line. Command line parameters include format and options that will be applied to future copies. In standard package a program requires commands to be sent to a script. However, you can make this process automatic, with no need to run commands. For this you need Total Folder Monitor. This program in pair with Total Excel ConverterX will export XLS files coming to specific folder to TIFF on a regular basis. In such a way all your XLS documents can be converted to TIFF with no manual efforts.

If you need to integrate XLS to TIFF conversion into your own app, use Total Excel ConverterX as an SDK tool. Its code is easily integrated into other scripts. Download it here and take advantage from the functionality it offers!

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