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There is quite a lot of talk about Total Excel Converter being the best at converting Excel to PDF thanks to batch function. It is the best, but it is not free anyway. Not all users have to batch-convert Excel files to PDF on a regular basis. Then, why should one pay if he/she has to convert only one Excel file at a time?

Thanks to our team's everyday work and professionalism, you can use our online Excel converter and convert Excel to PDF for free. Converting one file at a time is quite enough for many users, particularly for those who convert Excel files occasionally.

How to Convert Excel to PDF Online

If you have Excel files that you want to save as PDF files, you can use this free online Excel converter right now:

Open Free online Excel converter.

Press the "Select file" button and select the Excel file, which you wish to convert to PDF. It should be remembered that file size should not exceed 10 Mb. If it does, you will be redirected to a page with a link to the desktop version of the converter.

There are several Convert link-shaped options, each suggesting a particular target format. Select "Convert to PDF" and wait.

The download window will pop up. Press "OK" to convert Excel to PDF free and wait. The program will do the whole thing in seconds.

As we can see, there are two types of cinvertes - the online converter and the desktop one - for you to choose between. There is no universal telling which one is better, since everyone chooses a particular product to suit his or her individual needs. If you convert Excel files to PDF on rare occasions and are not usually faced with the need to convert Excel files in batches, there is no need for you to spend money on the license product. However, if you are faced with the necessity of converting large groups of files on a daily basis, converting files one by one will be sheer drudgery. With the desktop converter close at hand, you can convert hundreds of Excel files in one click.

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