Convert Excel to TXT Free

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

If you have no XLS editor on hand but need to export XLS to TXT quickly, you can use this free Excel online converter with handy web interface. As you know, CoolUtils provides high-quality converting engines for various file types and offers both online and desktop tools for XLS conversions. Here you can convert Excel to TXT free, as online version is fully free of charge.

If you are here for the first time, here are the instructions for proper file processing:

First you need to select the source table and upload it to the server

then click on the 'Convert to Text' button

The converted file will be either opened/saved automatically, or you will be asked to do it manually.

That's all! No exhausting settings, manual edits - this free online Excel converter is very simple in use. There is no batch conversion available, so you will need to repeat the procedure for each XLS source. Note that the service doesn't support XLSX format. If you try to convert XLSX file, you will get a warning that you need to use desktop Total Excel Converter. Moreover, in order to be able to convert Excel to TXT online you need to have a file less than 10MB. Bigger files are not supported by the service, you may need desktop version too.

Online converting tool is a great thing for devices where you cannot install Total Excel Converter. For instance, Linux-based computers or Apple devices do not support it, while you can convert Excel files for free online, with no restrictions for your system. The whole process is done on the server side, and you receive a result in your web browser.

Online Excel Converter doesn't require registration, no personal info is needed to give you access to the service Just enter the page and make it convert your files!

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