Convert Microsoft Exchange emails to HTML

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Total WebMail Converter supports various online mail services, including Microsoft Exchange Server. In this converter you will find very handy HTML converter that can turn your emails to HTML pages automatically. This useful feature allows to save Microsoft Exchange emails as HTML files, ready for publishing online. Moreover, storing emails backups in HTML gives ability to view them in common web browser, that solves any problem of format compatibility.

For efficient email conversion Total WebMail Converter provides a range of adjustable settings, that include:

Destination (all emails to one HTML file or one email per file)

File name template

Fields (you can choose what fields to convert)

Attachments conversion

Header & Footer

Setting file name template and combining emails to one file are essentially useful, when you convert Microsoft Exchange emails to HTML in bacth, i.e. many messages at a heat. Total WebMail Converter can process many emails in one batch that saves lots of time. Converting one or a hundred of emails will require the same efforts from you.

As for the attachments, you can convert them to HTML too (if they are texts), paste them to the converted message (if they are images) or store in separate folder, if they are executable or other files. You can combine these options as you want, and the program will process all attachments accordingly. When you export Microsoft Exchange emails to HTML, you can skip some fields you don't need. For instance, you can extract only email body, without date, names of senders and recipients, etc. This will cut the overall HTML copies size, as well as will clean them from unnecessary information.

Any settings of this MS Exchange converter are optional, so you can use them in default variant too. Try the program in free trial to make sure this is what you are looking for.

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