Convert Microsoft Exchange emails to TEXT

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Using Microsoft Exchange has one shortcoming, as any other web mail service: it's impossible to read emails while you are offline. However, there is a way of how to make your mail history be available locally, even without connection to Internet. You can simply convert Microsoft Exchange emails to TEXT file(s) and store them in your PC. It is also a good way to create backup emails storage for any unforeseen problems with your mail account.

Fortunately you do not need to do manual copy-pasting of the data from your emails to a TXT document. A program that does this automatically is Total WebMail Converter. It can save Microsoft Exchange emails as TXT files, each one separately, or combine all emails into one TXT storage. No formatting settings are available for this type of conversion, as TXT has no formatting. But you can define the type of attachments processing, fields that you'd like to convert and other important conversion parameters. If you need to convert only email body, you need to uncheck all other fields in the Fields tab:






Total WebMail Converter supports batch conversion that helps to save time in case you need to export a lot of messages. When you export Microsoft Exchange emails to TXT format in batch, you can either combine all source messages to one TXT document or convert each message into separate file. In second variant it will be useful to set file name template, so you will know what email is stored in this or that file. For instance, file name template can contain date of email creation together with subject or recipient name, or any other combination of tags.

You can test this MS Exchange email converter for free. Download the program here.

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