Convert Microsoft Exchange emails to TIFF

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Converting emails to TIFF is a feature that is not included into MS Exchange functionality. If such need occurs, you can use Total WebMail Converter that can quickly and correctly export Microsoft Exchange emails to TIFF images. Its interface is very easy to use, and adjustable settings allow running conversion that suits any specific requirements.

TIFF-specific settings include:

Paper size, orientation

TIFF compression type

Header and Footer

The rest of settings are the same that this MS Exchange email converter offers for all other formats. These are conversion type (all emails to one file or one-to-one mode), a few ways of processing attachments, ability to select fields for export, etc. All these parameters can be specified via command line, if you prefer this way of running programs. Total WebMail Converter can generate a bat file that includes a command with all parameters predefined in settings wizard. Just run this file in CMD interface.

This utility supports batch conversion, so you can save Microsoft Exchange emails to TIFF files all at once. Just select all source messages you'd like to export and press TIFF button. Make settings you need and press Start. The time required for conversion defines how many messages you selected. After conversion is completed, a folder with TIFF copies will be opened.

Total WebMail Converter also features message viewer, so you can check what information is contained in messages before you select them as sources for conversion. It is very comfortable to convert Microsoft Exchange emails to TIFF using this program. Just define source messages, target format and enable the converter, the rest it will do for you.

Up-to-date version of Total WebMail Converter is always available. You can also download a trial version for testing. It is fully functional, you can use it for 30 days for free to see whether it fits your needs.

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