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FLAC format provides with excellent sound quality, as it is lossless audio conversion format, excellent for saving quality along with compressing audio tracks in size. Due to such efficacy it is widely used for audio books.

If you both own iPod and like audio books, FLAC format was not suitable for you until now. Thanks to iPod AudioBook from CoolUtils, the first Windows-compatible utility for converting FLAC to audio books for iPod, you've got a great opportunity to run FLAC audio books on your player. Minimum of your time and efforts are required to turn all your FLAC files into M4B format that is read by iPod as audio books.

To convert FLAC to iPod compatible format with the help of iPod AudioBook application, you need to perform a few extremely simple actions:

  1. Open the program on your PC.
  2. Select required source FLAC files from the file list of navigation menu. Due to handy navigation section you can easily surf your memory folders to find required files.
  3. Click on “Make Audiobook” button in the upper left corner of the program window.
  4. Make proper adjustments in the pop-up options window: set the destination address for the future audio books, set sounding quality and, if needed, extract specific track fragment for conversion.
  5. Click on “Start!” button and you will get all the source files converted.

The 4th step (options settings) can be skipped, if you don't need to set any specific parameters for conversion. Remember that sound quality usually defines the file size. So if you need to save the memory space, try to set less quality level. After a few conversion you will definitely know which quality is optimal for listening and space saving.

As you see, iPod AudioBook utility offers flexible and handy solution for iPod users who experience problems with audio books format compatibility. It is already available for download online, you can do this right now, using the links below.

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