Convert GL2 to TIFF

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

There are file formats like Hewlett-Packard's GL2, which were designed to carry information between design programs and plotter printers. These files are not directly accessible and require a special viewer to open. What if you could convert them to an entirely different format though; one that was more human-friendly? Good news - now you can! With the Total CAD Converter users can convert GL2 to TIFF and a wealth of other formats.

Our CAD Converter comes with a unique feature that lets you combine GL2 into TIFF; allowing you to save space by merging multiple files. Large jobs? No problem. Our batch GL2 converter can handle any project big or small. Advanced user? We also provide direct access to the command line, allowing users to set up quiet, automated prompts. The best part? The Total CAD Converter is loaded with options that will help make your target TIFFs better than the original GL2s.

Create custom watermarks.

Reset the formatting and layout.

Choose compression levels.

Specify photometric interpretation.

Choose color mode.

Resize, rotate and crop.

Define new margins.

There are a few programs out there that can help you view GL2 files, and that's about it. The Total CAD Converter is unique in that, it allows you to convert and modify GL2 files to better suit your needs. See for yourself today by downloading our free trial version. You'll have a month to explore our app and discover how amazingly helpful it is. When you decide to buy, you'll receive a lifetime license for just $99.90 (all upgrades free the first year).

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