Convert Gmail to XPS

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow convert Gmail to XPS? Well guess what? You can! With our Webmail Converter, users are able to save Gmail as XPS and a variety of other useful formats. Now you can access, share and repurpose your POP3 emails whether you're online or not. When you export Gmail emails to XPS using our app, you can choose from a variety of features designed to enhance usability. The Total Webmail Converter lets you:

Modify and convert email attachments.

Merge multiple emails into one XPS.

Include headers & footers (counters, numeration, dates and more).

Control appearance with CSS templates.

Create reports using customized data fields.

Save setting with command (bat) file.

Saving an email to an XPS formatted file has never been easier. Whatever your skill level, our Gmail converter app provides the options you need to start archiving, organizing and sharing your Gmail emails. We've designed it that way to give you a wide-range of options. For beginners, we've included a user-friendly interface. For the advanced user; direct access to the command line.

Whether you're looking for a home solution, or something that can help on a large enterprise scale this is the email converter for you. Give it a try through our free 30 day trial download. If you like what you see, upgrading to the full version is only $49.90. Along with that you'll receive tech support, lifetime access and free upgrades for a year.

Other converters may be able to provide similar functionality, but none are able to offer this level of customization. After more than a decade designing conversion apps, we've created a tool that truly addresses the needs of our users. That's because we are continuously updating our apps and making improvements by listening to user feedback.

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