Convert Gmail Emails to JPEG To Back Up Or Migrate

Gmail is the world leader in cloud-based email for a good reason - it is secure, easy to use, and in most cases completely free. There are times, however, when you will want to get some of the gigabytes of textual data stored on Google's servers out into another format such as JPEG. This could be for the purposes of archiving or fulfilling certain legal requirements.

Having to convert Gmail emails to JPEG by hand is, to put it bluntly, a potentially enormous amount of hassle. When you are looking to save your Gmail messages as JPEG images, the last thing in the world you want to be doing is trying to carry out the task manually. You are far better off using a dedicated piece of software like Total Webmail Converter Pro to handle the job.

This powerful Gmail converter can handle any amount of messages with ease. It will let you easily save Gmail into JPG and can also convert to a huge range of further output formats such as HTML, TIFF, PDF and DOC.

Here are a few of the further advanced features that come as standard:

One of the most attractive features of Total Webmail Converter Pro is its ability to intelligently handle attachments while converting. This is a feature you will not find elsewhere. You can choose to either convert email attachments directly or export to a separate folder as they are processed.

Getting past Gmail's built-in security settings can be challenging sometimes when you are trying to get at your own data but Total Webmail Converter Pro ships with a convenient wizard to help you easily navigate the relevant settings.

As with all our software, you are free to use Total Webmail Converter Pro either directly on the command line or via its straightforward, user-friendly desktop interface.

We have made a fully functional 30-day trial version of the software available for you to use right now to see if it matches your needs. Download today and start taking command of your inbox!

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