Convert Gmail Emails to TXT For Easy Archiving & Migration

The combination of always-on broadband and cloud email providers is hard to beat but it is not always the perfect solution it's cracked up to be. When everything is going well, there is not a cloud in the sky, but there is a risk of vendor lock-in and not being able to get at your own data.

Sometimes, you will want to know you have a bulletproof backup of your Gmail data available in a format that you are guaranteed you will be able to open. Potential use cases include migration, archiving, or fulfilling legal requirements such as Bates stamping. The perfect format for many of these needs is a good old-fashioned TXT file. Having to convert Gmail emails to TXT by hand is not something anybody wants to face doing, however.

If you are dealing with potentially thousands of messages, you want a powerful Gmail converter to blast through files while you put your feet up. Our flagship Total Webmail Converter Pro can handle this and many other tasks and will allow you to save Gmail into TXT with confidence and get the job done super quickly.

Check out some of our software's powerful features:

The standout feature of Total Webmail Converter Pro is its ability to intelligently handle email attachments - a must-have option when dealing with Gmail content. When you are looking to save your Gmail messages as text files, you will have the option of moving attachments to a folder of your choice as part of the conversion process - an enormously handy feature to take advantage of.

If you have tried connecting with Gmail via other software before, you will know it can be a tricky task at times. Luckily, Total Webmail Converter Pro comes with a convenient wizard to step you through managing security settings seamlessly and help connect you with your data.

You are also able to use Total Webmail Converter Pro either via its intuitive GUI or run it directly from the command line if that is an environment you are more comfortable with.

We encourage you to take advantage of our 30-day, fully functional, completely free trial to discover the difference Total Webmail Converter Pro can make to your workflow today!

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