Convert Gmail Emails to XPS

Gmail has clearly established itself as one of the leading webmail providers over the last decade going from a plucky outsider to part of the mainstream. While it is hard to beat for convenience and price (nothing beats free!), you do not always want all of your precious data marooned in the cloud in a format completely controlled by a third party.

There are all sorts of occasions where you will want to export and convert some or all of your data into an alternative format for easy offline reading or for the the purposes of archiving or admin. XPS is a common format and if you are looking to convert Gmail emails to XPS then you certainly do not want to be trying to do it by hand.

Our Total Webmail Converter Pro software is a piece of market-leading conversion software designed to handle this and many other tasks. It will help you save your Gmail messages as XPS files and can handle a range of further output formats such as DOC, PDF, TXT, TIFF and more.

This powerful Gmail converter can also handle Yahoo and Windows live accounts with ease. Here is just a small list of its standout features:

When you are looking to save Gmail into XPS, one of the most attractive features is Total Webmail Converter Pro is ability to easily handle email attachments. You can choose to either convert attachments directly or move to a specified folder.

Connecting external tools to a Gmail account can be challenging for non-technical users but Total Webmail Converter Pro ships with a handy wizard to walk you through the steps in a foolproof manner. You have also got the option of running the software through its intuitive GUI or directly via the command line if required.

You can check out the full range of Total Webmail Converter Pro's feature set by taking a totally free 30-day trial of the software for a spin. Download a copy today and start taking control of your online inbox!

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