Convert HTML to EMF Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

HTML is a file format that formats text, tables, images, and other content that is displayed on the page; it is mainly used for web pages. EMF, in its turn, is a Windows vector graphics format that supports 32-bit data, saves image data in an RGB format and does not support CMYK data.

If you are using a web-server, then CoolUtils' Total HTML Converter, a leading HTML converter, might not be what you are looking for. CoolUtils is happy to introduce Total HTML Converter X, a high-quality server HTML to EMF converter.

Unlike Total HTML Converter, Total HTML Converter X is specifically designed to convert HTML to PNG, command line enabled, on a web server. With the help of this program you can easily

convert HTML to EMF on server

convert HTML to EMF, no GUI

convert HTML to EMF without interrupting messages

convert files within other programs thanks to command line


To convert HTML to EMF on server with Total HTML Converter X, please, follow the guide below:

  1. Download Total HTML Converter X

    CoolUtils offers you two versions of the converter: a free 30-day trial version and a paid full version ($150 for a life-time license). You can download or purchase the program at any time on the official website of CoolUtils.

  2. Launch Total HTML Converter X and convert HTML to EMF from within the command line

    To convert HTML to EMF, ActiveX enabled, simply enter:

    HTMLConverter.exe C:\Web\Index.htm C:\Graphics\File1.html -c EMF, where

    C:\Web refers to catalogue,

    File.html refers to file in C:\Graphics catalogue,

    -c refers to convert operation,

    And, EMF at the end of the command points at required target format.

The full list of commands supported by Total HTML Converter X is available on the official website of CoolUtils.

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