Convert HTML to JPEG

Converting HTML files into graphic formats makes them more convenient in use for various needs, such as graphic design, presentations, galleries, etc. JPEG is the most popular graphic format nowadays, as it allows big compression with enough quality saving for general needs. JPEG is an ideal format for transforming HTML file into JPEG image, but the process itself may be a little difficult for average user.

Using PrintScreen button, cutting necessary fragments is not convenient for many users: it takes much time, requires some graphic editor and image processing skills. There is much easier way to convert HTML to JPEG by using converting software. All you need is to select HTML file for transforming into JPEG, specify the destination path and click OK. Such a simple way to convert web pages is offered by Total HTML Converter.

Total HTML Converter is a product that was carefully tested for easiness in use and reliability. Its look and feel was properly optimized for easy and quick use. That is why now it is a proven leader in HTML JPEG converter niche worldwide. The conversion itself is performed by using a couple of actions, like selecting necessary HTML source file, specifying required options and clicking OK. As for the options, Total HTML Converter provides user with ability to select specific render items, JPEG quality, margins and paper size. You can get JPEG images of any format you need. And what more, it is possible to protect JPEG files with watermarks by setting the background imaging. This feature is also in-built in Total HTML Converter.

Intuitive wizard is clear for any user, regardless of computer skills, age, etc. So you will not feel any problems with understanding its functionality or making required settings. Total HTML Converter is user-friendly and reliable solution that will definitely suit your expectations. Get your license now and convert web pages into images with comfort.

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