Convert JPEG to GIF

Total Image Converter is a handy all-in-one file conversion utility, by aid of which you can convert JPEG into GIF and other formats. The tool supports nearly all image formats, and it saves you the necessity of buying a dozen of converters. This is a universal JPEG converter that can deal with a full batch of files in less than a few seconds.

Over the years while this JPEG converter has been around, it has gained the reputation of the fastest conversion tool ever. You can mark more than a hundred of files for conversion, and it will take just one click of a button on your part and a couple of seconds on the converter's part to render them all in GIF!

Total Image Converter integrates into Windows, and, once it is downloaded and installed, the Convert to option appears in the right-button popup menu. That means that you can convert JPEG into GIF right from the desktop. The utility also features command line option and therefore it can be launched from within other programs.

How to Save JPEG as GIF?

To start working, launch Total Image Converter. Select a folder in the folder list you see in the left-hand panel of the interface. There will be a list of files contained in the selected folder in the middle-panel. Check-mark one of more JPEG files you would like to convert and click GIF on the toolbar on top of the interface. Specify conversion parameters by aid of the Wizard. You can either leave the default settings or make your own settings. Once you are through with the settings, click Finish.

This unique GIF converter features a user-friendly image viewer. When you have selected an image, it is displayed in the right-hand panel of the interface. You can view images before and after conversion. Total Image Converter also allows you to rotate, crop and resize your images. All the changes you have made in your original files will be reflected in the target files. Finally, Total Image Converter enables you to watermark your files.

As you can see, all the procedures are very simple and do not require any special training. It takes just minutes to master the basics of the program, which you can do with the help of the trial version. It is available for free download and it is valid for 30 days. The registered version is worth $24.90, and once you have bought it, you will be getting all the upgrades for free.

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