Convert JPG to PNG

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PNG format is now one of the most popular file types for using graphic content online. It provides good data compression, making big images maximally compact in size and saving the proper quality. Sometimes PNG format is more preferable than JPEG. In this situation it is required to convert JPG images to PNG, and here Total Image Converter is a must-have. It will help you to manage these conversions automatically, with minimum efforts.

The process is very easy to go through:

First of all install and open Total Image Converter

Choose the folder with JPG sources on the left

Choose images for conversion by checking them off in the file list

Select PNG as a future format

Run through the settings

Press Start!

All steps change one another consequently, and you do not need to search for any feature. The interface suggests you the following actions automatically. It is very convenient to convert JPG to PNG in batch in Total Image Converter. It is much more efficient than converting files one-by-one in case they have the same settings. You can setup batch conversion once and get all images converted. Depending on how many images are processed, you will wait from a few seconds to a few minutes. You can run batch image converter from the command line too. In this case in cmd dialogue a command like this should be written:

ImageConverter.exe D:\Images\*.jpg D:\Converted -cPNG

This is a basic command without additional parameters. All command line settings are listed in Help menu. Single conversions are also available. This JPG PNG converter works similarly in batch and single modes, you will need to do the same actions. To begin with, you can use settings by default.

Download the program and run your conversions for free during the first 30 days!

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