How to Convert MBox to TIFF

Are you using Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client instead of online-based services like Gmail and Hotmail? If you do, are you aware of the fact that despite all its pros, Thunderbird has its cons as well? The most important downside of this program is the inability to restore your correspondence upon system failure.

Therefore, you should be the one who takes care of the safety of all your letters. There is no simple way of doing it. Since all e-mails are stored in MBox format in Thunderbird, you cannot just go ahead and copy them to your desktop. You can copy and paste the text of all the letters, but this will take a whole lot of your precious time. Or, you can download Mbox converter and have all the e-mails converted automatically.

To process all the letters into TIFF format, which is so popular among users, we suggest you get Total Thunderbird Converter. Having been developed by CoolUtils, this tool is perfectly suited to convert e-mails into TIFF. Total Thunderbird Converter automatically integrates with Mozilla e-mail client and lets you choose one of the following options:

Or, you can skip manual settings and simply select TIFF as target format and click the ôStart!┬ö button to begin the conversion. Regardless of whether you choose to use default or manual settings, you are guaranteed to get high-quality results.

The numerous advantages of Total Thunderbird Converter include:

You can use Total Thunderbird Converter to process files into formats other than TIFF, if you wish to. This tool is also great for converting Mbox files into DOC, TXT, XLS, PDF and HTML. Download your free 30-day trial version of Total Thunderbird Converter now or purchase it for a low price and get 1 year of free updates and round the clock customer support!

Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

Interface languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese

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