Convert MHT to PCL

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

In order to convert MHT to PCL, you should have a versatile program tool. If you are looking for one, Total HTML Converter is exactly what you are looking for. With this converter, you can convert MHT to PCL in batch. In other words, you can check all the files in the folder and launch conversion. It takes seconds for this batch MHT converter to do the job.

MHT to PCL command line feature (available for registered users only) allows you to conveniently manage MHT files from within other utilities.

This converter integrates into Windows seamlessly, so you can convert right from the desktop. Right-click on a MHT file, select Convert to and follow the interface.

How to Export MHT to PCL

This batch MHT converter can handle a whole bunch of MHT files in a few seconds. You just need to check-mark all the files at once. There is an option, which saves you the necessity to do that manually. Select the folder in the folder tree, which contains MHT files and press Check all button. In the list of files, you will see ticks in the checkboxes located near each file. To cancel batch-conversion, you can remove the ticks by pressing Uncheck all. If you wish to convert one or a few MHT files to PCL, tick them manually.

Choose PCL in the format bar or use the list of target formats available via Convert menu. \

Use the wizard to select destination folder and apply various editing options. Here you can watermark your output files, add images and textual elements (footers, headers, etc.), using Display, Render and Document sections.

When you have done all that, click Start to convert.

This MHT PCL converter is a cheap yet effective shareware tool, which you can test using the free trial version. This demo version is valid for 30 days. If you purchase this tool, you will be able to receive regular upgrades and all sorts of technical support.

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