Convert MHT to XPS In Batch Via GUI Or Command Line

MHT files are not a file format you will run into every day but they can pose a real problem when it comes to conversion. Easily confused with HTML files, these files are actually an archive format used to combine all the elements involved in making up a web page. They are not the sort of files you want to be working out how to manually convert when the time comes - especially if you are faced with a huge amount of files to process.

If you need to convert MHT to XPS in batch, using a piece of software specifically designed for the task is a sensible way to proceed. Our Total HTML Converter is the perfect tool for this and many other tasks. When you need to convert MHT files into the printable XPS document you are after, our software will save you a lot of time and hassle.

The ability to save MHT as XPS is not the only great feature on offer here. You can also use Total HTML Converter to do all of the following:

There are a number of specific XPS options to take advantage of as well. Fit-to-page and user permission options can be set at will. You can also include digital signatures and take control of settings such as paper orientation, size and margins in addition to including document information such as author and keywords. If you are looking to save on file size, you will also appreciate the built-in options for specifying document resolution and JPEG compression.

As with all of our software, Total HTML Converter can be run from the command line or used via an intuitive GUI. If you want to offer the software to a team or integrate its use in your own application, the ActiveX-enabled version of the software will be right up your street.

Download a free, 30-day version of Total HTML Converter today!

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