Convert MSG to HTML with Attachments

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

MSG format is typically used for storing emails. You can receive MSG files in the email, and no desktop program will recognize this format. What to do in this situation? Everything is simple - just use Total Mail Converter Pro application to convert emails with attached files in MSG format. If you need to make them viewable in a web browser, conversion to HTML may help. HTML format will make it possible to post information from emails online or view in a web browser. No post-coding is required, as Total Mail Converter Pro creates HTML files fully ready for use.

In order to convert emails and attachments to HTML, follow these steps:

Open the program

Go through the folders and check the MSG originals for conversion

Press HTML in the top menu

Go to the 'Attachments' tab of settings menu and set the way you want to process attached files

Press 'Start!'

There are a few ways of processing attachments. You can just save them to a separate folder by checking the proper option from the 'Attachments' menu. It's also possible to convert MSG to HTML with attachments that are messages or text documents. As for the images, the program allows inserting attached images to converted message copies.

If you would like to adapt HTML copies for specific style to post them on a website, you can apply external CSS file to the desired email copies. You can also set an internal CSS scheme, adjusting the font colors, types, margins and other formatting specs. When converting MSG to HTML in batch, these settings will be used for each source file. You can save time on settings as well.

Download Total Mail Converter Pro here. This tool will turn your emails and attached files to web pages within a second!

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