Convert Mail to DOC with Attachments

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

If you want to convert Mail to DOC with attachments, you can do that easily. Our new converter Total Mail Converter Pro features an option, which will make the whole thing easy for you. You do not have to rack your brains on what you should do with attached files. This program is intended for converting Mail to DOC and it features a number of options, which allow you to treat attached files in several ways.

Needless to say this program is very user friendly. We have received user feedback and in following their requirements concerning interface issues, we have laid it out in the best way possible. Now all users say they have no problems operating this converter.

How to Use This Mail DOC Converter

Open the interface and click Documents in the folder tree. View the list of mails and check the ones, which you are intent on saving as DOC files. You can check all of them using the "Check All" button and therefore convert all these mails to DOC at once.

Select "DOC" in the toolbar.

View the wizard and check its options:

  • Set destination for your newly created DOC files.

  • Set your preferred file name template. If you are converting many files, this template will be applied to all the files.

  • Select "Fields", which you wish to export.

  • Check various attachment options. This will help you decide how you would like to save your attached files.

  • View appearance option to shape your document. Here you can either choose the internal scheme or use external CSS file.

When you have studied and chosen all the parameters, press "Start" or click "Start conversion".

This program is a shareware piece of software. However, you can download and check the demo version and use it for 30 days. After that, you are going to have to purchase the full version.

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