Add Mail Converter Pro Into Your Solution

Is an email converter a missing part in your system? Take our reasy-to-use solution, add a few lines of code (we provide the samples in PHP, C++, C#, etc.) and save emails with attachments as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DOC, HTML, EML, PST files.

Our clients say:
"I am very pleased with the product. So far it has passed all of our initial QA tests. I am making use of the tool programmatically as part of a larger custom stand-alone custom legacy content management system migration. The current legacy system stores email content in MSG format. We recommended that we provide that content in the EML and PDF formats during the migration in order to provide more standardized access to this content. This is where your tool fits in. We have successfully integrated your tool into our migration program to facilitate this task for this customer."

Jeff Primeau
Senior Consultant
Decision Labs Inc.

Total Mail Converter ProX is perfect for email migration and archiving, legal matters, adding emails to any electronic document system or freedon of information requests.

Coolutils converters are most cost-effective solutions. Pricing is very flexible and is good for a small company with 5 employees and large corporations like Deloitte or PricewaterhouseCoopers. Server licenses start from $359.90 only!

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