Merge Several XLS Files Into One PDF

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

If you want to combine several XLS spread sheets into one PDF you would face a boring process. First you convert your files to PDF and then launch some PDF combining tool to merge them together. With PDF Combine Pro you don't have to waste so much time!

This program automatically turns a batch of XLS tables into multipage PDF documents. It exports all the information correctly, so no data loss may ever occur. The process of conversion is very simple:

You launch the program

Then navigate through your folders to find proper source files. PDF Combine Pro supports XLS, XLSX, DOC, TXT, RTF, HTML, TIFF, JPEG files. Tick as amny as you need.

Press 'Combine to PDF' button

Adjust settings in the popup wizard (add a page counter, set user permissions, encrypt PDF with a password, sign with a digital signature)

Press Start.

In the settings wizard you will find a range of parameters for adjusting the output PDF formats. If you combine 2 XLS files into one PDF, you will probably not need adding bookmarks. But if you deal with many files, bookmarks will be extremely useful. They will show where every file starts and make the navigation within the large PDF file much easier. Bookmarks can be created from original file names (one bookmark per file), document titles or loaded from external file with captions. These settings are not compulsory, they work just as add-on to standard functional.

PDF Combine Pro can merge several XLS files into one PDF document in a few seconds. It works fast and is able to process any number of files at a time. Download the program here.

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