Convert OGG to iPod


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OGG format is free audio compression file format that has much in common with MP3 and doesn't have any licensing limitation. It is supported by few devices in comparison with MP3, that is why users experience some problems with using OGG files on such devices like iPhone or iPod. There is simply no support of OGG in iPod, as this format was not certified for use on Apple devices.

If you found an audio book in OGG format and there are no suitable alternatives for your iPod, don't regret, as iPod AudioBook can easily convert OGG to iPod compatible M4B format of audio books. This utility was specially developed to make any audio book compatible with iPod.

Besides the fact that iPod AudioBook is the first program intended to create audio books for iPod, it offers a range of useful advantages, including the following:

  1. ability to process many files at a time: you can convert any number of audio books to M4B format in one click, making adjustments only once for all source files;
  2. ability to set sounding quality for the future audio books: from 33% to 130% of original track quality – very useful feature if you are limited in memory size or need to improve the quality of tracks;
  3. ability to extract specific file fragment using the in-built player and convert it into separate audio book file.

If you need to turn OGG to audio books for iPod, all you need is to select OGG source file or files in the file list menu of the program and make a few settings (optional) for conversion. You can also refuse from manual settings and do the conversion in default mode. It is the best variant for people inexperienced in such conversions or those who need to make it in the shortest possible time. Anyway, you will get high-quality audio books for your iPod. Download iPod AudioBook now and save a lot of time on various audio conversions!

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