Convert OST to XLS

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Converting emails to table format is rather specific task, and usually it is made for reporting or backup purposes. Very few OST converters offer such feature, and one of them is Total Outlook Converter. This program can convert OST to XLS automatically that helps to save much of your time. Just list the source emails and choose XLS as target format, and you will get your messages properly exported to Microsoft Excel sheets.

The program is a batch email converter that can export many emails in one single operation. The settings made in the wizard will be applied to all messages in the batch. When you first launch OST converter, you will be asked to specify message storage, OST or PST file. Just choose the proper OST file and press OK. You will see the messages displayed similar to Outlook mailbox. It will be easy for you to follow conversion steps that are:

Choosing source messages (check off required ones right in the list)

Choosing target format (press XLS in the top left bar)

Making conversion settings

Enabling conversion by pressing Start!

Please mention, that you can convert email texts together with attachments. For this you need Total Outlook Converter Pro. Total Outlook Converter Pro can export attached documents from OST to XLS, include attached images to XLS email copy, save attached files in separate folder, etc. A few modes can be set at once that allows processing all attachments properly.

Another useful feature of Total Outlook Converter is ability to make selective email conversion. For instance, you can convert only email body with attachments, skipping date, sender and recipient names. In that way only important information will be converted from Outlook OST to XLS files. All these conversion parameters are specified in settings wizard that pops up after you press the button with target format.

Download Total Outlook Converter here, and get 30-days free trial!

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