Convert Opus to WMA

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Total Audio Converter is a powerful audio file conversion utility, which has gained popularity thanks to a broad array of formats supported and a batch conversion mode. Most important, it converts OPUS files, which are increasingly popular, to WMA and other lossy formats. Althoug OPUS files do show great sound quality, there are few players with OPUS support out there; therefore many users choose to convert them to WMA.

You do not need to be a computer genius to use this OPUS converter. This program is a genius itself. It does all work automatically, and what you do is just apply your preferred audio parameters to your output files. Watch this short video and see how it works.

How to Convert OPUS to WMA

This converter runs like clockwork:

Launch the interface and locate the folder with OPUS files in the folder tree. Click on the folder and check one or several OPUS files. Here you can set the number of files, which will be converted to WMA. If you want to process a few OPUS files, check them one by one with the mouse. If you are processing a whole album or several ones, press the Check all button.

Select WMA in the upper toolbar.

In the wizard window, view and adjust conversion parameters:

  • Select destination folder for your WMA files. You can either leave the default destination or set another folder.
  • The following option allows you to specify part of your OPUS file (if it appears to be too long), which you want to convert to WMA. Set the beginning point and the end point of the part of the track, which you are saving as a WMA file.
  • The program will specify the most appropriate sample rate, channels and bitrate parameters automatically. However, you can change these parameters to achieve desirable sound quality level.

Select Start Conversion tab and review the settings. Press Start to actually convert your OPUS music to WMA.

This audio converter has a 30-day free trial version, which you can download and test right now.

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