Convert Outlook Express to EML

Outlook Express is an email client integrated into Windows operating system; it allows users to send and receive electronic messages using accounts established through outside email providers. Just like web-based email services, Outlook Express has several folders (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Archives, etc.).

Emails saved in different folders may come with different file extensions. For example, mail stored in the Inbox folder and in its subdivided mailboxes have files in EML format; however, messages in the programs' archives are saved in MBX or DBX format. These formats are not readable by Outlook Express. If you want to archive emails and be able to import the, later to another email client, you need to convert Outlook Express to EML.

The best way to save Outlook Express emails as EML, is to use a specialized Outlook Express Converter, like Total Outlook Express Converter by CoolUtils.

All you need to take advantage of Total Outlook Express Converter is to complete the following simple steps:

  1. Download Total Outlook Express Converter (free 30-day trial version is available)
  2. Install the converter
  3. Select files or folders you want to convert
  4. Set "EML" as a target format
  5. Click "Start!" to begin automatic conversion

Total Outlook Express Converter from CoolUtils allows to:

Contact CoolUtils for more information. We offer a variety of licenses to suit every need. Take the safe route - download a free trial version of Total Outlook Express Converter now! When you have tested it on your emails, you can place an order and get the key. The keys do not expire, you can use the converter as long as you need.

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