Convert Outlook Emails With Attachments to HTML

Total Outlook Converter can ease users' lives pretty much. Robust and user friendly, it is powerful enough to convert email messages to HTML in large numbers in a few seconds. With its Pro version - Total Outlook Converter Pro - you can handle attached files in your most preferred way.

The Pro version allows you to convert emails with attachments to HTML in batch and name them according to a fixed pattern. In other words, you can load a few hundred messages into the tool and press the right button and wait until all these emails become HTML files and are aligned in your selected destination folder. This is the Total Outlook Converter Pro style being introduced to you!

The interface is divided into several sections: file tree, file list and viewer section. In the file tree, which is on the left, you click on the folder with emails. In the List section, which is in the middle, you tick the messages, which you would like to convert to HTML. In the viewer section, which is on the right, you simply preview your files. Select "HTML" in the target format bar. After that you can set additional parameters:

It is not mandatory that you explore all the settings. You may skip them, the app will use default settings instead. Press the "Start!" button to convert emails to HTML.

Total Outlook Converter Pro works directly with Outlook or can import your PST or OST file. There is a handy option that will scan your hard drive and search for PST files.

Download your free evaluation copy or place an order for a full version right now. Feel safe with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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