Export Emails from Outlook.com to PDF

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Total Webmail Converter is a kind of desktop program, which you can use to export emails from www.Outlook.com to PDF, DOC, RTF, JPEG, HTML, TXT, TIFF in less than a few seconds. Basically the program automatically connects to your Outlook.com account and get copies of the emails for conversion (original emails are kept untouched).

Apart from mere conversion, this program presents an extensive list of editing options, which you can apply to your output PDF files. For instance, you can format headers/footers, add page counters, set margins, etc. Also, you can choose between different ways of saving your output files. For example, you can either save each email as a separate PDF document or merge them into one big PDF file.

It is not only the program's affordable price that makes prudent users want to buy Total Webmail Converter. This is one of the few existing programs allowing you to create an email archive and save it in your favorite format. There is hardly a better way to save your correspondence, which is not unlikely to contain important information.

How to Save Emails from Outlook.com as PDF Files

If you have already used any CoolUtils converters, you will not have difficulties using this one:

Launch Total Webmail Converter, connect it to your email account by entering email address and password.

View the folder tree in the left-hand part of the interface. Click on the appropriate folder (Inbox). View the list of emails and check the ones that you want to save as PDF files. This email converter features a viewer, which allows you to view the content of your emails prior to conversion.

Check a few emails with the mouse or press Check all to check all your emails.

Select PDF in the output format bar and navigate the wizard:

  • Select destination for your target files.
  • Specify fields, which you wish to export in your PDF documents.
  • Specify an option, which you wish to apply to attachments, if any.
  • Tune the output document appearance.
  • Add headers/footers to your PDF files.
  • Add properties, margins, signatures and specify paper format for your PDF files.

Select Start Conversion to review your settings and press Start to actually convert Outlook.com emails.

This converter has a free version, which you can download directly from our website and use for 30 days in the demo mode.

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