Export Emails from Outlook.com to TIFF

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Total WebMail Converter works as an extension for different online mail services that allows exporting messages from virtual mailboxes to different files. It is always useful to have a local backup of important mails in format that is convenient for use. Using this program you can export emails from www.Outlook.com to TIFF format. Then they can be used as graphics for design or printing needs.

One more advantage of sharing messages in TIFF is inability to change the text without a TIFF editor. Modifying information inside the copy requires specific skills. In Total WebMail Converter you can adjust the layout of desired TIFF copies, and no post-processing is required. After you connect the converter to Outlook account once, it automatically updates the mailbox inside the program. It's comfortable to view and process messages in one desktop application.

This is how to save emails from Outlook.com as TIFF files:

Launch Total WebMail Converter and connect to Outlook.com account;

Go to the mailbox folders and select the source messages;

Press the TIFF icon on top;

In the settings you may choose configuration you need for output files;

Press Start!

You can edit header and footer, adding different information there (date, page count, etc.). This will help to identify each message visually. Also this email converter can combine all source emails into one multi-page TIFF file, if you prefer creating a single mail storage rather than having dozens of separate images.

As for attachments, Total WebMail Converter can export attached emails to TIFF, as well as save attached images for further use. Pro version offers more attachment processing features, providing you ability to export or save any kind of attached files. One more add-on in Total WebMail Converter is ability to convert Outlook.com emails from the command line.

Try Total WebMail Converter for your Outlook.com emails and see how easy it can be to export mails from there to various formats.

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