Convert PCL to HTML

Total PDF Converter is a helping hand for those who are too busy to read user guides and want to use programs with intuitive interfaces. This program will help you to convert PCL to HTML without a hitch. The program steers you in the proper direction. You only need to know what files you need to process and how many. This utility converts PCL to HTML in batch and therefore helps you to avoid confusion. Instead of hand-picking files, you can check the complete list of input PCL files by pressing a button.

Also, this converter enables you to convert PCL files to 15 more formats (PDF, XHTML, DOC, TXT, RTF, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)

How to Use This PCL Converter

If you want to convert PCL to HTML in batch, follow the steps mentioned in this guide:

In few minutes you will find the HTML files in your destination folder.

If you are processing a multipage document, Total PDF Converter can save every page as a separate HTML file for you. Just teck the check box in the wizard of the program.

This program features an option, which is popular among advanced users - command line. This option allows you to convert PCL files to HTML without using the interface. In order to convert PCL to HTML via command line, open the Help menu. You can download the free demo version and check the basic options. It is also noteworthy that the 64-bit version is also available.

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